If this web site today is a reality I owe it to all the great people I met during my personal and professional life. Five of them deserve a special mention, because they had been very instrumental in this difficult but glorious trail. 


STEFANO BORTOLUSSI, an outstanding poet and writer. He has joined this project with a lot of excitement and has immediately perceived my inner thoughts. With his sharp style Stefano knows how to paint with words every emotion and vibration that a picture communicates through slight shades.


MARCELLA MAIA, the physical translation of my ideas, capable like few others to transform my inputs in real and tangible images. Marcella is the evolution of this site, is the person that made me believe much more in what I was doing, and made me so excited with her movies' style interpretations trasported in an image form. Marcella you have an unique inside and outside beauty, thank you to be a such important part of my life.


PAULITA HIDALGO, a real epitome of a woman who generates beauty in her every single gesture, and gives voice to thoughts and feelings. She has also given me that inner strength and that pure love that allow you to believe and rejoice in life. Paula has made me live again a wonderful reality that I thought I had lost. If today I can still dream, and I can achieve these dreams, it is widely her worthiness.


DANIELE PIGNATELLI, a well established director and a film intriguing images creator. He has been on my side for many years as assistant first, creating and consistently rising with me in the profession. Daniele is always capable to observe beyond the horizon and to skylfully catch the moment, and you can feel all this watching the tales he’s writing with his camera.


LUCA, my younger bother, a real computer wizard, a precious analyst who has been a tremendous help in building this site. Without him I’d never reached this point. He will bear my burden again in the future.


My thoughts and feelings go to my family first and to all the models, actresses, actors, musicians and characters with who I’ve shared thirty wonderful and memorable professional years. None of this would have been possible without them.


And, last but not least,  I like to mention and thank some people who, for different reasons and in different periods of time, have been very important  in my personal and professional life…will  you forgive me if I’ve missed someone…..Thanks to :


Nico Spinosa, Massimo Giuliano, Pamela Smith, Renee Nunez, Denise Peatross, Rebecca Sweet, Cameron Teeter, Paolo Pulga, Paolo Carù, Laura Enfi, Sofia Lecina, Alberto Fortis, Kenny Gradney, Alessandro Maggiori, Nicola Zingarelli, Michele Olcese, Marina Testori, Mario Cremona, Massimo Ferrari, Stefano Senardi, Robert Palmer, Alfredo Saitto, Michele Bortolussi, Nicola Bortolussi, Enrico Maiocchi, Little Steven, Angie Harmon, Giulia Mariani, Antonella Bellan Koorina, Arianna D'Aloja, Franco Mamone, Belinda Carlisle, Betty Vittori, John Cipollina, Mario Cipollina, Huey Lewis, Billy Gibbons, Carlo Fabro, Stefano Fabro, Lele Del Fabbro, Chris Darrow, Damiano Zanderighi, Fabio Prestianni, Apollonia Kotero, Dave Sharp, Milena Cantù, Deborah Leali, Francesco Baccini, Donatella Siviero, Emilio Haimann, Ernesto Ambrosini, Piero Ossola, Eveleigh Coyle, Francesca Spada, Franco Cristaldi, Daniel Coltor, Laura Martucci, Barbara Romer, Mario Cugnata, Flaviana Menezes, Anna Terzoli, Gia Ciambotti, Greg Douglass, Robert Plant, Jean Beauvoir, Jenny Kopp, Jocelyn Deschamps, Vito Cardinale, Kay MacKauley, Lola Blanc, Luciano Giaccotto, Massimo Bonelli, Luigi Bizzarini, Ringo, Maia Neumann, Marco Borraso, Marco Gibello, Michelle Tomaszewsky, Oana Cristina Stirbu, Oliver Sacco, Paolo Scarpellini, Raffaella Curtarelli, Rebecca Davenport, Renato Pagliaro, Roberto Galli, Ruth Gerson, Slim Jim Phantom, Sheryl Crow, Taryn Christy, Umberto Candiolo, Valentina Zucchetti, Riccardo Barberi, Giacomo Pellicciotti, Luciano Ligabue, Paola Pascon, Tanya Jenkins, Simon Kenton, Klaus Messner, Dave Alvin, Christy Hill, Heather Sutherland, Jeannine Braden, Nicolette Larson, Meredith Brooks, Kristen Verchick, Henry Padovani, Ron Stone, Billy Payne, Butch Hancock, Joe Ely, David Grissom, John Nolan, Johnny Colla, Terry Dolan, Paul Barrere, Mike Peters, Ron Grooper, Roberto Biglia, Vanina Battino, Michela Dominietto.




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