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Paula Hidalgo

Oh! You Pretty Things

Hotel Melia, Madrid

Photography by  Fabio Nosotti


   Lyrics by Stefano Bortolussi


   Many thanks to the Hotel Melia, Madrid, Spain and to Luis Malibran


Wake up, you sleepyhead, the Thin White Duke sings on the radio :

Put on some clothes, shake up your bed,

but you donít listen ;

you look at me, lying on the white

sheets, and with your gaze you

describe what maybe didnít happen .

Look out my window what do I see,

I see you against the roofs and

a sky that seems painted,

then inside again, in this room where we feel hemmed in

(No room for me, no fun for you) :

behind you the city looks so distant.

All the nightmares came today,

but this, your dance behind veils,


is your way of driving them away,


























light ;



and when you face the mirror you see that itís speaking to you,

saying what it didnít even

tell the Queen,


and you wake up like Snow White :

Iíve made some breakfast and coffee,

donít worry, this apple

doesnít seem poisoned.



All images and texts are copyright protected. Fabio Nosotti photography 2014.