linda   rosenberg

Behind the gilded mirror



Photography by Fabio Nosotti

Make-up by  Erika Lomartire and Hair by Francesco Besana  for Ydor.

Lyrics by Stefano Bortolussi



Special thanks to  The Fabbrica Models, Milano,

Le Petit Jardin Restaurant , Milano , and  Lucio Nisi

   Styling by Renata Hellier (


Inside the quaint frame she wonít

look at herself : her gaze is aimed  

toward an elsewhere beside it,

maybe a wearier vision of herself,

enclosed in blondness, in the lightness of

skin and furs, projected on a blue

that is no sky, encroached by

the signs of time on the wall ;

or maybe she sees herself as fatal,

the dark lady of a noir from other times

and dreams, the wave of her hair hiding

one side of a look no-one would want

to resist, her pearl-encircled neck

suggesting riches of illegal origins .

Itís only later, sitting, reclining white

and black, hesitant and resting chanteuse


among leather, woods, lines,


oriental weaves and fruits of the earth,

that her look softens and
seems to promise peace . 


All images and texts are copyright protected. Fabio Nosotti photography 2015..