katy chapman
katy chapman

Diana's dream



Photography by Fabio Nosotti

Make-up & Hair by Carla Tersini   Lyrics by Stefano Bortolussi

Thanks to Sara Novaretti

Clothes by  CHACHA Accessories, Milano



It could be a dream, a departure,

an abandonment of reality’s boundaries

– the first clue are the angels

who seem to embrace her gesture,

or maybe her request : the candelabra

she tries to reach is almost bare,

as if time itself has worn itself out

and won’t lend itself to the nightly game,

the chest is closed & locked, but it

would just reveal emptiness if only

 she’d get up and try to open it,

the peeling walls and stones won’t talk,

the ottoman seems to clutch her

like a bat made of wicker and wood,  

and the portico’s vaults watch her

with a vague indifference.

The dream calls her to a state

of nature and levity,  


a nudity barely shielded

by the black flutters of a shawl,

the fringes lashing the emptiness,  

the severe geometries of a window

facing the trees,

and finally the hedge welcomes her  

in its green embrace like Diana,

finally free and ready  

for a velvety slumber.


All images and texts are copyright protected. Fabio Nosotti photography 2016.