Fabio Nosotti, photographer and journalist, was born in Milano where he lives now, and he worked through the years travelling around the world. He started out in the late-Seventies, contributing as a journalist to the magazine Suono Hi-Fi Stereo ; at the same time he started to taking pictures, giving his career a precise direction in images creation. In the early ‘80s he was a co-founder of Il Mucchio Selvaggio and Il Buscadero, the two cult Italian rock magazines. In the following years he was a regular contributor as a journalist & photographer to various magazines : Ciao 2001, Tutti Frutti, Rockerilla, Tutto Musica & Hi-Fi. he also worked for Videomusic, the first Italian music TV. Then he worked for Italian Vogue for seven years and his images were published on various fashion and music magazines all over the world : Donna, Amica, 100 Cose, Hard Rock, Top Girl, Rock Show, Rock 'n' Folk were some of them. At that point he became the photo editor of the Italian  Esquire,  and he made some photographic books. His first exhibition, Click & Rock, took place in 1987. Cick & Rock was a traveling exhibition with more than 100artistic portraits. After that he made many other exhibitions, a couple for charity, including one for Amnesty International,  and his last  exibition, Smell like America, took place in ten different cities . In 30 years of shooting, he also created around 2000 albums, singles and cd covers for many top international artists and many worldwide advertising campaigns for well known trademarks as, for example, Università Yulm,  Mutti, IVRI, Baxter. At the beginning of the new century digital photography has introduced revolutionary changes in photo techniques at the expense of average professional quality ; Fabio, still carrying on and keepin’ the state of the art of film-photography, has taken the right time to enter an experimental  and innovating  path, starting from  the strong foundations built in years of work, which blends technique and fantasy and merges art forms with meticulous skills and an uninterrupted pursuit of The New . The idea behind this site, where proper stories in visual and fictional form are created,  is witness to the integration  between narrative and figurative art.



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