My Beautiful Laundresses



Photography by Fabio Nosotti

Lyrics by Stefano Bortolussi

Location ;  Laundry Room, via Giovanni Bellezza 1

Special thanks to  Alessandro De Dura, Urban Models Milano e Boom Models Milano




The night is one of manyafter a day

like any other thereís one more

thing to do before retiring

wash your dirty laundry in public


 because at home itís just too boring

you never know what chance can suggest

so that when the bobbed brunette meets
the flowing blonde it takes just a moment
to decide to follow each other inside

and after a few seconds of silence

itís easy to let go and get rid

of all this protecting black goof off

with their weapons  

of mass seduction

as if they share  

a secret with no care

for anything but their bodies  

revealed to themselves

and to our watching  

secret eye

and in a gesture  


of ironic derring-do

start reading about the deeds

of hilarious tragic wrinkled male paradigms

the outrageous John who could not control

himself and got electrocuted by his own high voltage

Keith who has seen and done everything

and keeps playing his curt chords


and only at the end of the cycle

at the end of the washing-and-drying

 realize while dressing again
that something precious has been found

and get out the door together

but different from when they got in

because they found each other sisters in the night.


All images and texts are copyright protected. Fabio Nosotti photography  2017