andrea  lopez

Lulu in the country


Photography by Fabio Nosotti

Make-up and Hair by  Carola Sofia Retta. Lyrics by Stefano Bortolussi



Thanks to  Flash MODEL MANAGEMENT, Milano.

and  Flaviana, Marco, Laila, Paolo, Enrica.

Clothes by  CHACHA Accessories, Milano


You see her white dress in the farm and think of Marilyn,


but she is more Louise Brooks, Lulu with

her black bob,

long-limbed seduction under the beams of a past world,

nostalgia of lights and shades and shapes

contrasting with the toils in the fields, the gathering of firewood for heating and

she more
fiery than
embers, a
mystery of

promises peeking out of a doorway

or standing under the window

from which she might have escaped,

then misteriously a prisoner,

redoubled by her own attempted escapes,

     by her gaze toward the beyond       outside of the fence, maybe

 imagining herselfas a water nymph


risen from the flowing river,





as a creature of the woods and the night,


the enchantment of a staring jungle.


All images and texts are copyright protected. Fabio Nosotti photography 2014.